University of Houston Campus Life

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    Photograph of the University of Houston Cheerleading squad mid-cheer.

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    Photograph of the Daily Cougar press plates.

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    Donnie McGraw on the football field.

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    Photograph of a group in western wear.

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    Bob Leeds, Fred Greenlee, Fran Baggett and Mike Nukil perform a selection from "Elevator 2", an original mime work presented March 25-27 by the UH Mime Troupe.

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    Homecoming parade with a float that has "Win For The Cullens" written on one side.

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    Photograph of a commencement ceremony.

This collection of photographs from the larger UH Photographs Collection highlights campus scenes from throughout the history of the university. The photos of people, events, organizations and campus departments show a diverse range of activities and events, including athletic competitions, classroom gatherings, distinguished guests, and special events and exhibits.

The UH Photographs Collection in the University Archives contains photographs all aspects of the university’s history. Other digital collections from the UH Photographs include University of Houston Buildings and University of Houston People.

The original materials are available in UH Libraries’ Special Collections in the UH Photographs Collection.

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