SEM Collection (1914 – 1925)

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    Caricature of two men in suits and a woman in a teal dress with lots of jewelry dancing.

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    Caricature of various individuals playing roulette.

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    Caricature of a woman wearing a yellow dress and carrying a muff, a woman in a purple dress, and a woman wearing a black dress and hat.

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    Caricature of four men gathered around a green poker table with green curtains in the back. The poker chips and cards spell out "CITROEN".

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    Perrier ad featuring a caricature of a man in a suit extending his hand out to a Perrier bottle and another man in a suit sitting down on a chair and smoking a cigarette.

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    Caricature of five men in top hats and tails and one woman dressed elegantly in a gathering. One woman is speaking to an elderly man in the background.

SEM (1863–1934), né Georges Goursat, was a French illustrator and caricaturist who rose to fame during the Belle Époque. The Digital Library’s SEM Collection is comprised of four volumes from the UH Architecture and Art Library’s Kenneth Franzheim II Rare Books Room. Le Vrai & le Faux Chic (1914), White Bottoms (ca. 1920), the self-titled SEM (ca. 1920) and Le Nouveau Monde (1925) affectionately and mercilessly document the Parisian high society of a bygone era, and showcase the wild and whimsical work of SEM.

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