Socialist and Communist Pamphlets

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    Reform or revolution, or, Socialism and socialist politics

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    Shop talks on economics

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    Revolutionary essays

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    One year of revolution

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    National constitution and platform of the Socialist Party

This digital collection includes 109 socialist, communist, and anarchist pamphlets from a larger collection of radical political pamphlets held by the UH Libraries. The pamphlets date from 1872 through the 1940s, including the period leading up to and during the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Most of the pamphlets in this part of the collection are American or British, created primarily in the urban hubs of New York and London. Their publishers include the British Socialist Party, Charles H. Kerr & Company, the Socialist Publication Society, and many other outlets for radical thought. Well known authors are Nikolaĭ Bukharin, Friedrich Engels, Peter Kropotkin, Vladimir Lenin, and Leo Tolstoy.

The original materials are available in UH Libraries' Special Collections in the Socialist and Communist Pamphlets Collection.

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