Mary Ellen Ewing vs the Houston School Board

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    A Photograph of Mrs. Mary Ellen Ewing

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    [Women] Want to be on the School Board; Clippings from the Houston Post.

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    Mrs. Ewing Gives her Views on City Charter Amendment for Women on School Board; Clippings from the Houston Chronicle.

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    Front view of the Ewing house.

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    Encouraging Letter from Mrs. James Ryman

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    Newspaper clipping about Houston Newsies.

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    Houston Labor Council Endorses Mrs. Ewing; Clippings from the Houston Labor Journal.

This digital collection contains the pages of several scrapbooks that document the social and political activities of Mary Ellen Ewing during the early 20th century. Newspaper clippings and correspondence detail Mrs. Ewing’s many endeavors on behalf of education reform, the women’s suffrage movement, child welfare programs, and improving labor conditions. The collection’s 163 items span the years 1900-1917, with the bulk of the material coming from the year 1913.

Married to Judge Presley Kittredge Ewing, who served as Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court, Mrs. Ewing was a successful philanthropist and activist in her own right. She served as an officer for the Harris County Equal Suffrage Association; the Child Welfare League; the State Congress of Mothers (forerunner of the Parent-Teachers Association, or PTA); and the Harris County Humane Society. She was also an inventor who was granted patents for a street sweeper to improve sanitation in the city.

Highlights of the collection include dozens of newspaper articles from the Houston Chronicle and Houston Daily Post about the push for better conditions in public schools and the addition of women to the school board. Letters to and from Mrs. Ewing further illustrate her involvement and importance in these and other social causes, both on the local and state levels. Personal mementos from the scrapbooks include postcards, birthday greeting cards, and photos of the Ewing house.

The original materials are available in UH Libraries’ Special Collections in The Ewing Family Papers.

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