Luis Marquez Photographs

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    Man sitting with colorful headpiece and maracas.

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    Woman holding flowers in white headpiece.

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    Woman in dress surrounded by bells.

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    Men singing, playing guitar.

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    "The Plume" - A Native Dance - State of Oaxaca Mexico.

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    Man in blue attire, yellow headpiece and swords.

This digital collection features historic, hand-tinted color photographs depicting the people and culture of Mexico in the 1930s. Subjects include musicians and dancers in traditional dress, vendors displaying their wares, and people posing in colorful settings. Photographer Luis Marquez signed each of the 27 prints in the collection.

Of particular interest is the elaborate clothing worn by performers, including three men demonstrating a native dance, a man in a headpiece displaying maracas, and a woman playing guitar. The richly colorful nature of the collection is further illustrated in photographs of people with painted vases, embroidered dresses, strings of flowers, decorated bowls, and woven blankets.

Titles of the digital pictures are taken directly from inscriptions on the photos themselves. The photographs reside in a 20-1/2 inch by 12-1/2 inch detailed leather album, embossed with the date 8-10-1937 and the name Mrs. S.U. Allred. The album and its contents were given as a gift to Mrs. Allred after she and Texas Governor James V. Allred visited Mexico in 1937.

The original materials are available in UH Libraries’ Special Collections in the Governor James V. Allred Papers.

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