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Selections from the Franzheim Rare Books Room

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    Barock- und Rococo- Architektur, Volume 1, Part 1, Print 1, front

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    Bau-Ornamente der Neuzeit, Volume 1, Print 14, front

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    Bau-Ornamente der Neuzeit, Volume 2, Front cover

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    Die Architektur des classischen Alterthums und der Renaissance, Volume 1, Page 27

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    Barock- und Rococo- Architektur, Volume 3, Part 3, Print 25, front

This digital collection presents examples of notable works housed in the University of Houston’s Kenneth Franzheim II Rare Books Room.  The room contains approximately 1000 rare or unique books, journals, and pamphlets on fine art and design.  Highlights of the collection include portfolios of building types, architectural product catalogs, and first editions of some of the 20th century’s greatest books on art and architecture.   The books in the collection date from the mid-16th century to artists’ books published in the 21st century.  The Kenneth Franzheim II Rare Books Room is located within the William R. Jenkins Architecture and Art Library on the first floor of the College of Architecture.

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