Architectural Retail Catalog Collection

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    Color illustration of A. W. Faber merchandise (Superior Steel Pens and Inks In Small Bottles).

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    Illustration, description, specifications of Homestead Woodfire No. 011.

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    Illustration: children fireside.

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    Appareils d'éclairage et accessoires en porcelain (Lighting and porcelain accessories)

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    Black and white illustration of a bedroom's window treatments.

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    Pamphlet of the bridges built by the Berlin Iron Bridge Co.- Page 18

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    Color chips representative of A. W. Faber's various Wax Crayons or Creta Laevis Pencils .

The Architecture Retail Catalog Collection features catalogs and other marketing material for products intrinsic to the built environment.  It is comprised of a diverse array of historic retail brochures, pamphlets, catalogs and even product samples from the William R. Jenkins Architecture & Art Library’s Kenneth Franzheim II Rare Books Room. The collection spans more than 100 years, from advertising for the Rogers Fence Company printed in 1880, to Herman Miller's Action Office System catalog, which features corporate furniture for the business environment of 1985.

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