About the UH Digital Library

The University of Houston Digital Library is a comprehensive digital library, which provides for our students, faculty, and the greater community a rich and exciting environment for the discovery of digital resources and knowledge.

The Digital Library and Audio/Video Repository make available digital collections of materials documenting the University of Houston, the City of Houston, and the State of Texas, as well as other historically and culturally significant materials.

Collections in the UH Digital Library and the Audio/Video Repository are mainly derived from the Special Collections department within the MD Anderson Library. Other collections represent the holdings of the William R. Jenkins Architecture & Art Library, the Music Library, and the UH Hilton College's Hospitality Industry Archives.

For more information about these libraries and collections, see:

In addition to the rare historical items in the Digital Library, more rare historical audio and video items are available in the University of Houston Libraries Audio/Video Repository.


For more information about using UHDL collections and how you can support our digital initiatives, please contact:

Bethany Scott
Digital Projects Coordinator
M.D. Anderson Library
4333 University Drive
Houston, TX 77204-2000